Hi there! Welcome to my nook.

My interest in photography was sparked by a handed down Agfa Isolette II, from my father. I discovered the joy of all manual photography, and the thrill of making prints in the darkroom. Years later, I received a Pentax ME Super as a cherished gift from my brother. Eventually, the seduction of digital SLR was too strong to resist

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. I now use a Nikon D750.

Adhering to the following dicta,

  • Keep it natural. Don’t mess with the light. Shoot what you see.
  • Trash if you must, only before you shoot the next one.
  • The only alteration allowed is crop. Do no harm.

my quest is to fill up all available disk space. Then get a bigger disk and repeat.

When sufficiently distracted from my numerous vices, I pretend to work for a globally integrated enterprise as a computational biologist seeking answers to life’s persistent questions.

With my spouse, we call Hudson Valley region, New York our home.

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