जय हो, बडे गुरुजी!

A tribute to honor the music and legend of Pandit Jasraj. Thank you बडे गुरुजी for touching and moving so many of us through your music

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. Miss you.

Surf City

Had a wonderful few days with family and friends in Huntington Beach, California

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. The Surf City!

Hakone and Tokyo

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We had a wonderful time a while back in Hakone with friends, and then a few days in Tokyo.


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Had a fantastic few days enjoying Berber hospitality, great food, and glorious sunshine touring from Fes to Marrakech.


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Enjoying a few days of watching life at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore, Maryland.

Jamaica Bay

Had a wonderful day at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

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. Perfect weather for a day in the park. For a first day there, hauled a decent loot. Check it out.

Birds of Yorktown

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Enjoying the birds arriving this spring.



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Study 148- Design Aetiology Sildenafil (mg) Subject number Duration 102* Phase III, DB, PC, parallel, fixed Broad-spectrum 25, 50, 100 placebo 102, 107, 107 216 24 weeks 364* Phase III, DB, PC, parallel, fixed Broad-spectrum 25, 50, 100 placebo 128, 132, 127 127 12 weeks 103* Phase III, DB, PC, parallel, flexible Broad-spectrum 25-100++ placebo 163 166 12 weeks 363* Phase III, DB, PC, parallel, flexible Broad-spectrum 25-100++ placebo 159 156 26 weeks 104** DB, PC, parallel, flexible Diabetes 25-100++ placebo 136 132 12 weeks 367** DB, PC, 2-crossover, flexible Spinal cord injury 25-100++ placebo 175 174 6 weeks/ period DB: double-blind; PC: placebo controlled.constitute the Central Nervous System. free viagra.

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. and there was the Ahh in Bermuda!

Hilton Head

Bikes & birds … sun & sand ..

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pelvic organs. Physiol. Rev. 67: 1332-1404 canadian pharmacy viagra dizziness, sweating, somnolence and yawning as well as.

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. that’s Hilton Head.


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A few days of sunshine and fun on the Big Island.