Yes you can, again

The slide show has resumed at The Works

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. Grab a seat, relax, and enjoy! Yes you can, again.

Thanks to a talented freelancer, Ivan, who responded enthusiastically to my request, the slideshow is back. worked out really well.

A new beginning

For a while, this photo content was housed, scattered actually, in a few different sites. KodakGallery was the most used

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. Sigh! Unfortunate that Kodak’s bankruptcy put that out of action. It was quite convenient to run a KodakGallery album as a slideshow on Sigh again! Alas, also went bust. This time it was Do-No-Evil that put it out of action.

So, let’s try a DIY approach. So far, its been fairly smooth to set up the site and am working on bringing up the content.